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“Maxima Latvija” invests 200,000 Euro in ready to go meals’ line

lamarcainstore by – “Maxima” has created a new ready to go meals’ line within the framework of “Meistara Marka” brand; it has invested 200,000 Euro in the research of the segment, elaboration of recipes as well as designing a tasteful package. The ready to go meals’ line asserts dynamic changes in operation of “Maxima”, starting to compete in the area of finished products. The new offer of “Meistara Marka” is based both on traditional Latvian flavours and the most popular recent trends of ready to go meals around the world.

The rapid pace of the society’s daily life, innovative technologies and continuous movement affects retail both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world. Today people want to eat something tasty, healthy and also to do it quickly. The new ready to go meals’ line by “Meistara Marka” gives a new value to its customers and it is one of the steps through witch “Maxima Latvija” asserts the changes implemented in the company, helping to improve the purchase experience of the customers, and trying to keep up with the changes in daily habits of the society. We have created a topical and modern solution for hasty gourmands, and we expect that this ready to go meals segment in the market will grow by 10% per year”, the board member of “Maxima”, Kristīne Āboltiņa, comments the situation.

Meistara Marka” offers 28 different foods — salads, snacks and sandwiches, as well as basic meals and desserts. The meal concept has been created by “Maxima” expert team; they included both very well-known Latvian flavours, such as Valmiera salad and rye bread layered dessert, and modern recipes, such as Thai curry with chicken and rice and New York Cheesecake. Meals are mainly prepared from local products supplied by such local producers as “Putnu fabrika Ķekava”, “Balticovo”, “Rīgas piena kombināts”, “Orkla Foods Latvija” and the like.